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The girl in the background made the blonde girl’s desktop background a picture of her holding a sign that said “Hi there. So um…Will you be my girlfriend?” while she was in the bathroom. This is the girl’s response. 


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A pro-life group in Lansing, Michigan says fetal models have helped save a baby from a late-term abortion. Officials with 40 Days for Life in Lansing posted a picture of a set of fetal models that it says helped changed a woman’s mind about having an abortion.“ I showed the 30-week model to a late-term mom who left the clinic and DID NOT have an abortion. Praise God!” the group wrote.

Literally none of these except the final one is anatomically correct. You literally have a minuturized born infant model as your 12 weeks ant 8 weeks fetus, this is BLATANT misinformation and lies.

Additionally abortions at 30 weeks? Aren’t legal ANYWHERE in the world unless the fetus is already fucking dead or cannot survive outside the uterus on it’s own. You didn’t save ANYTHING, or else you are lying about gestational age OR they weren’t actually going for an abortion or you made the whole story up.

This is propaganda, misinformation and lies, it’s disgusting and it doesn’t actually help your movement. This is (among the reasons) why pro choicers think pro liars are full of shit, and refuse to respect you or your movement. 

10 Daily Random Facts


A 12 year old girl in Quebec sued her father for grounding her from her grade six graduation trip, and won.

At the center of most(and possibly all) galaxies there is a super massive black hole, which we are orbiting around. 💫

You can buy GPS shoes that will guide you home by clicking your heels together.

Laughing when tickled is actually a form of biological panic.

This week marks the 50th birthday of Pop-Tarts! Happy Birthday

One man was caught twice on To Catch a Predator. The second time was less than a week after his court date for the first one.

Mike Tyson was arrested 38 times by the time he turned 13.

Playing Tetris for an extended period of time can cause you to hallucinate and dream of Tetris blocks.

Calcium is not as good for your bones as Vitamin K. Avocados, peaches and bananas are much better for your bones than milk.

There are more barrels of Bourbon in Kentucky than there are people.

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i’m so upset

I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

I can’t

present active boōpresent infinitive boāreperfect active boāvīsupine boātum



if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

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